ADI brings IoT to Tomato Cultivation

Markets & Products / Why should I care? / December 6, 2016
There is so much talk of “big IoT” networking of huge factories. Perhaps the better way to look at IoT is through smaller, more manageable projects–like growing tomatoes.

So much has been read about sensors, measurement, big data and big IoT, but much of the useful work we read is being done on a smaller scale than expected.

It’s not news that the Internet of Things (IoT) is high on the hot-topic list these days. Certainly, the potential benefits and payback of IoT, including industrial IoT, are huge, but there will also be a lot of deflation as the glow of “whatever your problem, IoT will solve it” dissipates. That’s fairly standard trajectory for an emerging technology, as the latest edition of the Gartner “hype cycle” shows.

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Article from Bill Schweber, EET India

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