NIGHTWATCH Smart Halter: a Great Example of ARM Holdings IoT Innovation Ecosystem and Diversity

Markets & Products / Why do they matter? / Why should I care? / November 23, 2015


We’ve all seen examples over the past few years of complex IoT technology solutions to help solve real-world problems from a variety of small companies. In fact, last week while I was at the ARM Holdings annual industry analyst conference and TechCon, a gathering of the ARM ecosystem powers, you could find hundreds, if not thousands of examples of this. Yet, there is one solution that recently grabbed my attention when I got to play with a prototype last week. This novel ARM Holdings, Freescale Semiconductor FSL +2.94%, and InvenSense INVN +9.09%-based solution is called NIGHTWATCH and is in late-stage development by Protequus, a biomedical engineering firm located in my hometown of Austin, TX.

NIGHTWATCH hits close to home for me because it’s looking to solve a very common problem in horses, called colic. Colic is the leading natural cause of death in horses, but if detected early, colic can be easily managed and have little impact on a horse’s survival and quality of life.

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