Korean High-Schoolers Develop Supercomputing Skills, and May Just Change the World

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Invite 60 gifted high-schoolers to a week-long supercomputing camp. Train them on how to accelerate applications using GPUs. Organize them into small groups, each with their own stack of Jetson TK1 devkits, and set them loose.

What do you get?

Packs of teens developing a social networking service to communicate with their sweethearts, investigating how hackers operate in specific games, and finding new ways to analyze political leaders.

Supercomputing already has a big influence on our lives. Processing huge amounts of data and performing enormous calculations in very short periods of time, supercomputers are regularly deployed by weather services, map makers, astronomers, military planners, scientists, medical researchers and more.

As performance improves, the possibility of what supercomputers can offer is endless. The future holds even more promise as shown by the boys and girls from seven high schools in South Korea who attended the Supercomputing Youth Camp 2015, sponsored by NVIDIA’s Seoul office and Korea’s Ministry of Science.

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