Here’s How Deep Learning Will Accelerate Self-Driving Cars

Markets & Products / Why should I care? / March 3, 2015


Punch Buggy. Slug Bug. The names differ, but we’ve all played this game. See a Volkswagen Beetle, punch your sibling. Deep learning works the same way. Just with more math—and fewer bruises.

Deep learning refers to algorithms—step-by-step data-crunching recipes—for teaching machines to understand “unstructured data.” That’s another way of saying information that lives outside of spreadsheets and databases. For example, images, speech and video.

Because of the GPU’s key role in all these technologies, our GPU Technology Conference, which runs March 17-20 in Silicon Valley, is a great place to learn more. GTC will feature more than two dozen talks focused on how GPUs are changing the auto industry.

So, how does deep learning work? A great way to understand it is to look at NVIDIA DRIVE, our new auto-pilot car computer. When paired with computer vision technology—powered by our NVIDIA Tegra processors—DRIVE gives vehicles an uncanny level of self-awareness.

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