Why the Gaming Industry Sets the Foundation For Tomorrow’s Smart Cars

Why should I care? / September 26, 2014

With the launch last week of Maxwell, our 10th generation GPU architecture, you may still think of NVIDIA as just a video game graphics company. With our long history of innovation in the gaming world, it’s easy to understand why.

What may surprise you is that our automotive business is one of the fastest growing parts of our company. And our experience in gaming, including the power of Maxwell, plays a key role in the future of car technologies.

NVIDIA, of course, has no intention of making video games available to drivers while they’re behind the wheel. But we are using innovations from gaming to create the intelligent digital cockpits and advanced driver assist systems that play a critical role in making cars smarter.

Some of the reasons that games are compelling—and millions of people love playing them—are innovations like high-resolution graphics, real-time rendering and sophisticated algorithms that produce real-world visual effects.

These technologies are now migrating into cars, in part because customers expect the same level of computing experience that they have in their home, office or even in their pocket to be available while they’re driving.

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